2014100995112046Doc Pittillo

David ‘Doc’ Pittillo—formal name: the Guitar Doctor—would likely get an honorary PhD if Guitarology was actually a course of study at an accredited academic institution.-(Orange County Register)

Doc started at his craft as an apprentice for a guy who originally designed guidance systems for Apollo. He changed careers from a model-builder to a guitar builder. Doc apprenticed for him for five years before starting his own business.

Since the let 60s Doc has been working his magic repairing guitars in Orange County. As a player he knows the “feel” of a great guitar and how to get yours into it’s greatest shape.

Doc has also been designing guitars for years. “My thing is semi-hollow electric guitars that are very linear at high volumes and very tone-y like a lot of the old guitars people are paying huge dollars for.”



I’ve been taking my guitars to Doc for years now.  Electric, acoustic, he gets it all right.

Paul B.
Huntington Beach, CA