Pittillo Guitars

Welcome to Pittillo Guitars.

Pittillo handcrafts several chambered guitar models that sound amazing and are one of a kind. Their unique chambering techniques and wood selections give the guitar a sound that really brings out the tone and complex harmonics not found in a standard store bought guitar. Each guitar is completely hand-crafted and made to your specifications.

Doc Pittillo has been doing guitar restorations for over 40 years. Back in the 60’s Doc earned his experience restoring countless guitars including Fender, Gibson and Martin. Doc has worked with many world renowned musicians including Johnny Winter, Allan Holdsworth, Van Epps, Walter Trout, Marco Mendoza, Mike Ness, Rodney Sheppard, Max Bennet, Jeff Snyder, Hugh Ferguson, Eric Sardinas and many more.

Doc has recently been perfecting his new guitars and basses called “The Gypsy”. These archtop / chambered guitars have an amazing tone and feel. They also have the PCH models used by Allan Holdsworh and Hugh Ferguson that have great harmonic voices in their tone. If you like vintage guitars, the Pittillo Vintage guitars take rock and blues to the next level in sound quality.

If you are serious about finding your own unique voice, you need to look into Pittillo Guitars.



“These guys sure know their stuff and I’m so glad I came here.”

Irene M.
San Francisco, CA